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2 juillet 2018 1 02 /07 /juillet /2018 21:28

If you've ever bought this cheap-but-quite-good chinese laser projector you may have noticed that the (not included but sent on-request) user manual is extremely hard to understand (it must have been auto-translated from Chinese) and the DMX section is absolutely incomprehensible!

I tried hard, but couldn't make any sense of it...

Same thing apply for the bundled laser show software. I'm a software engineer but couldn't make any sense of the GUI...

Fortunately it accepts standard ILDA files, as long as they are referenced in the correct files.


Using custom ILDA files:

The .ild files must be on the SD-CARD, in the PESLADER\ildfiles folder (or any folder referenced later)

The file name must not be longer than 8 characters (hello MS-DOS! :) ) and must only contain ASCII characters, otherwise they won't be seen by the projector firmare.

So let's say my custom file is birdfly.ild


It must first be added to an .eff file in the PlayList\ folder

The file name must be unique and  the file contains one line per .ild file to play in sequence, prefixed by a unique incrementing line number.

Associated to each files is a set of parameters (effects applied by the projector when playing the file) roughly described in the projector manual.

For instance, to display our birdfly.ild for 5 sec we'd have a file such as EFFEC001.eff containing an entry such as:

1,(ildfiles/birdfly.ild, TI=5)


This "Effect list" file must then be added to the PlayList.pla file.

Each line has a unique incrementing line number, followed by the "effect list" file to play.

For instance, this would play our .ild file(s) and automatically repeat at the end of the playlist:



To manually play this file, use the projector menu to navigate to the SD-Play mode and select something like 'single file' and the playlist line number to play.


Playing a custom ILDA file via DMX

I used this FTDI USB to DMX adapter and it was automatically recognised as a USB DMX Interface by Q Light Controller+, the great free DMX Softfware I'm using.

I then spend a lot of time tinkering with the projector DMX settings and trying hard to understand this very cryptic "user manual".

I finally set the projector to the DMX13ch then selected the SD-Play menu  and managed to get my EFFEC001.eff file playing by setting the following channels:

Ch 1: 150 (manual mode: Ch3 will select a file in PlayList.pla)

Ch3:  0 (index of entry of PlayList.pla to play - 1) * 10


Then I needed to zoom out the displayed pattern, which can be done with Channel 11.

Ch11: 100 (zoom out to specified value)


Then I needed to have the pattern moving from left to right repeatedly at a moderate speed. Channel 9 controls the horizontal position and speed (depending on value) of the displayed pattern.

Ch9: 140 (moderate left to right repeated translation)


That's all I needed for my current project but there are a lot of effects available via DMX. The built-in or SD-Card patterns can be played and tweaked. If you ever manage to understand how from the cryptic user manual...


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